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ServoSwitch V10

Open-source Servo Switch. I developed this board in order to be able to take aerial pictures and said to myself: Hey this is a great product, why not let other hobbyists play with it as well? So here it is! The theory of operation is very simple, it is just an Attiny45 micro controller that reads and decodes the PWM signal coming from any available channel of your receiver enabling you to trigger on board low-power relay to activate anything that you need! From landing lights to digital cameras! And because this is open-source, you can download the firmware and tweak it to meet your own needs. The ServoSwitch comes preloaded with the latest firmware (ready to use!). Note that the terminal block and the servo cable ARE included but NOT soldered, just in case you want to give a different use.

-Board layout
Very low power. Incredibly small. Status indicator LED. Voltage range 4.5V to 5.5V. Relay rating 2A@30Volts

Este producto esta en nuestro catálogo desde jueves 08 noviembre, 2012.
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